About Us

We’re Grant & Nicola. We’re almost old. Not so old that we call each other “um…. thingy” or wear our slippers to the shops, but we’re not far off.

Old age in itself is not a bad thing. In fact, we’ll embrace it together with all the reverence of a bull in the proverbial china shop. But the fact that it is hiding under our cot and gradually pulling the quilt from around our bedsocks at night has made us think that perhaps we’d better do some young and middle-aged people’s ‘fun stuff’ quickly, …..before we get too settled, …..before we get too scared, …..before we get ill, …..before we get all bent up, and bedsheets and drapes are all we have to look at.

So we’ve locked up our detached hamster-wheel, thrown some particularly unflattering clothing, shoes, hairstyles, medicinal supplies, and toilet rolls into a few haversacks, grabbed our cameras, and bought some tickets to ‘nowhere round here’, hoping that we can form some wonderful new friendships, gain some fresh insight and a bit of 3rd world perspective on this thing called life, and make so many colour memories that we will never, ever live in black and white again.

If you like anything you see posted here, please don’t hesitate to send us a line or two.

And if you have any suggestions, send them on through. I can certainly try to stick my head up my arse, for sure….